Honduran Migrant Arrested in Eagle Pass with Firearm

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Photo: Randy Clark from Breitbart

Encounter Details and Arrest of Gilberto Maldonado

In the 2700 block of Main Street on Eagle Pass’s outskirts, 26-year-old Honduran migrant Gilberto Maldonado encountered police following reports of a firearm sighting near Rio Grande College. Allegedly found in possession of a Springfield Armory 9mm handgun, Maldonado made a brief escape from a marked police truck, restrained by handcuffs.

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Ongoing Investigation and Charges

Suspected of attempting to evade Border Patrol after crossing the Rio Grande, Maldonado’s firearm source remains unknown amid an investigation led by police spokesperson Beto Garza. Facing charges including Escape from Custody, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Tampering with a Government Record, Maldonado’s case emerges amidst increased border patrol activities in the Del Rio Sector.

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Source: Randy Clark from Breitbart

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