New Search Warrants Reveal Details of Alleged Bid-Rigging in Harris County COVID-19 Contract

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Warrants Allege Destruction of Evidence, Tampering with Government Records, and Misuse of Official Information

Search warrants filed today reveal more details about the alleged bid-rigging scandal involving a $11 million COVID-19 contract awarded to Elevate Strategies, a one-woman firm with deep ties to Democratic campaign operatives. The warrants allege that Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and her staff concealed evidence from a grand jury investigating the contract, including personal phones used by county employees, draft documents showing that Hidalgo edited the scope of the work, and WhatsApp and SMS messages showing that Hidalgo and her staff believed that the majority of the Harris County Commissioners Court were going to vote against funding the project.

Hidalgo Accused of Using Emergency Powers to Bypass Voting Process

The warrants also allege that Hidalgo used her emergency powers to bypass the voting process and award the contract to Elevate Strategies, despite the fact that she believed that the majority of the Commissioners Court were going to vote against it.

Warrants Served on Communications Companies

The warrants were served on a number of communications companies, including AT&T, Google, Verizon, and WhatsApp, in an effort to obtain evidence of tampering with evidence, tampering with government records, and misuse of official information.

Three Former Hidalgo Staff Members Indicted

Three former Hidalgo staff members, Aaron Dunn, Wallis Nader, and Alex Triantaphyllis, have been indicted on felony charges in connection with the scandal. The warrants allege that the three men were involved in concealing evidence from the grand jury.

Hidalgo Denies Wrongdoing

Hidalgo has denied any wrongdoing, saying that she is cooperating with the investigation. She has also said that she is confident that she will be cleared of any charges.

Source: Fox 26 Houston

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