10 Illegal Aliens Arrested for Trespassing on Railroad Property in Kinney County

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Train Route Used by Illegal Aliens to Cross Border

Ten illegal aliens were arrested for trespassing on railroad property in Kinney County, Texas on Thursday. Deputies from Kinney and Galveston Counties, along with Border Patrol agents, were involved in the discovery and arrest. All ten are facing state trespassing charges.

The train route is often used by illegal aliens to cross the border into the United States. The popularity of the route has waxed and waned over time. It was initially very popular when the border crisis first began, but it cooled down quickly as the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) began to heavily patrol the area.

Deputies Find Groups of Varying Sizes at Varying Times

Since then, deputies have found groups of varying sizes at varying times on the train route. This suggests that illegal aliens may be testing to see how closely authorities are watching the rails.

Source: Kinney County Sheriffs Office

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