Sheriff’s Office Employee Arrested for Falsely Identifying as Peace Officer

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Sheriff’s Office Employee Arrested for Misusing Law Enforcement Vehicle 

A Maverick County Sheriff’s Office employee was arrested Wednesday for allegedly falsely identifying as a peace officer in violation of Texas Penal Code 37.12.

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The employee, Marisol Arroyo, was arrested on a warrant issued by the Maverick County Attorney’s Office. Arroyo is accused of driving a Sheriff’s Office marked vehicle to run errands, including a stop at a restaurant on El Indio Highway, where she struck a fixed object. Arroyo, who was reportedly accompanied by a female Sheriff’s deputy at the time, reported the incident to the Eagle Pass Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office.

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After reviewing the incident, the Maverick County Attorney’s Office determined that Arroyo had violated Texas Penal Code 37.12, which prohibits a person from making, providing, or possessing an item bearing an insignia of a law enforcement agency that identifies the person as a peace officer if that person is not commissioned as a peace officer.

Arroyo was issued a warrant for her arrest and was processed later that day.

The case could ultimately end up in court, where a judge would have to decide whether Arroyo violated Texas Penal Code 37.12.

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