Maverick County’s Political Retribution Amid Border Crisis

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In the midst of the ongoing border crisis, Maverick County’s political landscape is witnessing a wave of retribution. Precinct 1 Commissioner Gerardo “Jerry” Morales has publicly criticized County Judge Ramsey English Cantu for his perceived inaction in declaring a disaster in response to the crisis.

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The Controversy

Thousands of immigrants have been entering the country illegally via Eagle Pass, Maverick County’s largest city. Morales’ criticism echoes the sentiments of community activist Mayito Obregon, who has been spreading misinformation on social media and criticizing Judge Cantu for not declaring a disaster.

Interestingly, Maverick County’s Commissioner Court had unanimously passed a Disaster Declaration on August 16, 2023. The Disaster Declaration was on the Commissioners Court agenda as Item #16, you can see the agenda here. This declaration was later signed by Commissioner Morales himself, who claimed in an interview that the Commissioner’s Court had never discussed a Disaster Declaration. Pictured below:

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The Role of Disaster Declarations

Disaster declarations are typically made by the county judge in situations of emergency, such as tornadoes, floods, or most recently, COVID-19. These declarations are crucial for securing federal and state funds in response to the emergency. Without this declaration, it becomes challenging to recover funds spent during the emergency. Although it is uncertain why Commissioner Morales would claim there was no declared disaster, when he signed the declaration back in August.

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The Financial Implications

The ongoing migration chaos at the border is leading to additional expenses such as increased cleaning in colonies and parks. These costs are borne by taxpayers, and without a disaster declaration, it becomes difficult to secure funds to offset these costs.

Praise and Criticism

Morales commended Mayor Rolando Salinas for taking immediate action and making the right decisions. He praised Salinas for being a strong leader and taking action despite criticism. In contrast, Morales criticized County Judge Cantu for seemingly hiding from problematic situations on the border.

The unfolding political drama in Maverick County underscores the complexities of managing a border crisis. It remains to be seen how these political dynamics will impact the county’s response to the ongoing situation.

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