Massive Drug Seizure in Uvalde

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Joint Operation Yields Significant Drug Bust

In a major development, the Texas DPS Criminal Investigations Division (Eagle Pass/Uvalde), in collaboration with Uvalde PD, conducted a raid authorized by the State of Texas to search for controlled substances and related drug paraphernalia. The operation targeted a residence at the 300 block of South Camp St. in the City of Uvalde, Texas.

Major Drug Bust in Uvalde Meth and AK-47 Seized in Motel Raid

Employing proactive strategies, the joint team executed the search warrant, leading to the discovery of a staggering 8,636.4 grams (equivalent to 19.04 pounds) of THC products, along with 6.6 ounces of marijuana. The seizure marked a significant blow to the drug trade in the community.

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Uvalde PD expressed its unwavering commitment to combat drug dealers, fostering a collaborative approach with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. This successful drug bust is a testament to their dedication to maintaining a safer environment for residents.


As investigations continue, authorities are determined to dismantle illegal drug operations and curb the proliferation of controlled substances in the region. The community can rest assured that law enforcement agencies remain resolute in their pursuit of justice and safeguarding public safety.

Source: Uvalde Police Department Facebook

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