Brevard GOP Urges Ban on COVID-19 Vaccines in Florida

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Brevard County Republicans Advocate for Vaccine Ban in Florida

MELBOURNE, Fla. — The Brevard County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) has voted on a highly controversial proposal—calling for an outright ban on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in Florida.

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Group leaders drafted a letter addressed to Governor Ron DeSantis and other state officials, urging them to declare the COVID-19 vaccines illegal within the Sunshine State. Brevard County, the 10th most populous in Florida, wields significant political influence and boasts the renowned Kennedy Space Center and popular tourist destination Cocoa Beach. It is also the neighboring county to the north of The Treasure Coast.

CBS12 News has obtained a copy of the letter, sent to hundreds of registered Republicans in Brevard County for consideration. If the executive committee proceeds with enough “yes” votes, the letter will reach all state lawmakers representing the region, including Senators Rubio and Scott, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, and DeSantis.

The letter refers to the ongoing Florida grand jury investigation into the COVID-19 vaccines. In December, Gov. DeSantis requested a grand jury to examine the vaccine rollout and investigate any potential crimes committed. The grand jury’s current status remains unknown, given the secrecy surrounding its proceedings.

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DeSantis emphasized in his grand jury request that Florida law prohibits fraudulent practices, including the dissemination of false or misleading drug advertisements and the use of deceptive drug representations. The committee’s letter goes further, questioning vaccine efficacy and referencing a study suggesting the use of vaccines as potential bioweapons.

The resolution received overwhelming support during the vote by the BREC members. It calls for Governor DeSantis and the state legislature to ban the sale and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and related mRNA injections in Florida. Additionally, they demand that the state Attorney General promptly seize all COVID-19 and mRNA injections and conduct a forensic analysis of the ingredients’ safety.

Before the vote, intense discussions centered on the belief that the vaccines may be considered biological weapons. Some members argued that pharmaceutical companies committed crimes by downplaying risks and side effects while exaggerating vaccine efficacy.

Similar resolutions have been adopted by other GOP chapters across Seminole, Lake, St. John’s, Santa Rosa, Hillsborough, and Lee Counties, reflecting growing concerns within the party about vaccine safety and effectiveness.

CBS12 News reached out to BREC for comment, but they have yet to respond. The controversial letter will soon be sent to Governor DeSantis and other state leaders, potentially influencing Florida’s approach to pandemic response and public health policies.

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