High-Speed Chase Ends in Arrest of Undocumented Immigrants

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Deputy Pursuit Leads to Detainment of Undocumented Immigrants

Saturday morning, a Zavala County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to conduct a routine traffic stop on a Gold Subaru for a minor traffic violation along US Highway 57, east of Batesville, TX. However, upon activating the emergency lights, the vehicle refused to halt, prompting a high-speed pursuit that stretched into Frio County.

During the pursuit, the Deputy received backup from another Deputy, which helped contain the situation. The chase came to an end when several individuals absconded from the rear door of the Gold Subaru. Eventually, the driver, along with two undocumented male subjects, was successfully detained.

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Following the arrest, the driver was taken to the Zavala County jail, where they await further legal proceedings. Meanwhile, the two undocumented individuals were handed over to Uvalde border patrol officials for appropriate processing.

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The incident has raised concerns about border security and the need for vigilant law enforcement in the region. Local authorities are urging the public to remain aware of the ongoing immigration-related issues while emphasizing the importance of traffic compliance.

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The Gold Subaru involved in the chase was later released to Garcia’s Wrecker, marking the conclusion of a dramatic event that involved multiple law enforcement agencies.

As the situation unfolds, authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the involvement of the undocumented individuals in the high-speed chase. Updates on this developing story are likely to emerge in the coming days.

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