Maverick County Deputy Discovers Body Near Quemado Creek

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Texas Ranger Assists in Locating the Body; Funeral Services and Justice of the Peace Notified

Maverick County, Texas – In a distressing turn of events, a deceased person was discovered in Quemado Creek by a diligent Maverick County Deputy. The incident unfolded when the deputy was dispatched to the area in response to a report of a possible fatality.

Upon arriving at the scene, the deputy was joined by a Texas Ranger who had also been alerted to the situation. Working together, they meticulously searched the area until the Texas Ranger made a somber discovery – a body submerged in the creek.

Funeral services were immediately summoned to the location to take possession of the deceased individual. In the meantime, the Justice of the Peace was contacted to ascertain crucial information about the unfortunate event. The Justice of the Peace, after examining the scene and gathering details, officially declared the time of death to be 12:59 p.m.

Investigation into the circumstances surrounding the person’s death is currently underway. Authorities are diligently working to determine the cause and nature of this tragic incident. The involvement of the Texas Ranger brings specialized expertise to the case, assisting in the collection of evidence and the gathering of vital information.

The community and authorities are deeply saddened by this untimely loss. As the investigation progresses, updates will be provided to shed light on the unfortunate events that transpired in Quemado Creek.

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