Local Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate in High-Speed Chase

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DPS Troopers, Kinney County Deputies, and Galveston Crew Work Together to Stop Fleeing Vehicle

BRACKETTVILLE, TEXAS – In a joint operation on Wednesday evening, DPS Troopers, Kinney County Deputies, and members of the Galveston Crew successfully brought a high-speed pursuit to a halt just outside the city limits. The pursuit, which began on RR 1572 before escalating onto Highway 90, resulted in the apprehension of one driver and the discovery of five undocumented foreign nationals.

The chase unfolded when deputies noticed a Yukon vehicle without a front license plate and excessively dark window tint. Promptly recognizing the potential violation, law enforcement officers initiated the pursuit, prompting a swift response from multiple agencies. The DPS Troopers, Kinney County Deputies, and Galveston Crew collaborated seamlessly to track and apprehend the fleeing vehicle.

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Utilizing expert tactics and coordination, deputies deployed stop sticks, forcing the Yukon to come to a controlled stop outside the city limits of Brackettville. The arrest of the driver swiftly followed, ensuring the immediate cessation of the high-speed chase.

Upon further investigation, law enforcement officials discovered five undocumented foreign nationals inside the vehicle. The incident highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to tackle illegal immigration and safeguard public safety.

The joint operation conducted by DPS Troopers, Kinney County Deputies, and members of the Galveston Crew serves as a testament to the dedication and efficiency of Texas law enforcement in tackling criminal activities. The collaborative efforts of these agencies exemplify their commitment to maintaining law and order, protecting communities, and upholding immigration laws.

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As the investigation into the incident continues, authorities are working to determine the circumstances surrounding the involvement of the undocumented foreign nationals and any potential criminal activities related to their presence in the United States.

This successful operation near Brackettville stands as a reminder of the importance of interagency cooperation in combating crime and ensuring the safety of both local residents and visitors to the region. The commitment displayed by DPS Troopers, Kinney County Deputies, and the Galveston Crew is a testament to their unwavering dedication to protecting the public.

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