GRAPHIC VIDEOS: SUV Crash Kills 7 and Injures 10 at Migrant Shelter Bus Stop in Brownsville

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Seven people were tragically killed and at least 10 were injured when an SUV crashed into a group of individuals waiting at a bus stop in Brownsville, Texas. The incident occurred near the Ozanam Center, which is a shelter for migrants and homeless people. Brownsville police are currently investigating whether the crash was intentional or accidental.

The driver of the vehicle, who was the only person in the SUV, has been arrested on a charge of reckless driving. He is currently hospitalized for injuries sustained during the crash and has been uncooperative with authorities. The driver is being tested for drugs and alcohol.

The incident is particularly concerning given the recent surge in migrants attempting to cross the border into Brownsville. The city has declared a disaster after a record-breaking 15,000 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, crossed the border in a single week. This influx has overwhelmed border security officials who have reported that in a normal week, only 2,000 migrants attempt to cross at Brownsville.

With the expiration of the Title 42 pandemic-era policy, which allows the U.S. Border Patrol to send asylum-seekers from certain countries back to Mexico, officials are expecting an even greater influx of immigrants. This is a major concern for the safety and well-being of both the migrants and the citizens of Brownsville.

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