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Quemado, Texas – A truck was discovered flipped over in an irrigation canal this morning. The truck marked “37” belongs to the Maverick County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 was found by Moses Road in the small town of Quemado located just north of Eagle Pass, Texas. This morning residents expressed their concern about the truck being crash into the irrigation canal and reported that it was left abandoned. It is not immediately known who the driver was or if any injuries were sustained.

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According to sources near the area, the time of the accident occurred either late last night or very early this morning and had not been addressed as of 9:00 pm this morning.

We reached out to Brenda D. McCalip, General Manager for the MCWCID#1 for comment on the motor vehicle accident at 12:45pm, an hour later, McCalip opted not to comment at the time.

UPDATE 4:14pm: After an inquiry with the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office, they were unaware of the situation which suggests that the motor vehicle accident has gone unreported by MCWCID#1 at the time of this update.

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