Kristopher Cline Arrested for Smuggling Prohibited Items into Ellis Unit

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HUNTSVILLE, Texas – On June 20, 2024, investigators from the Office of the Inspector General, along with officers from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, arrested Kristopher Cline for attempting to bring prohibited items into a correctional facility and unlawfully carrying a weapon. Cline was apprehended after being observed parked for an extended period next to the Ellis Unit Hog Barn.

Details of the Arrest

Upon approaching Cline’s vehicle, officers discovered an assortment of contraband intended for inmates inside the unit. The items found included:

  • Two pounds of pipe tobacco
  • Two Geek Bar Vape Pens
  • 16 packages of Bugler wrapping papers
  • One Whataburger ketchup bottle
  • One mayonnaise bottle
  • One mustard bottle
  • Two packages of Doritos (Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese)
  • Two packages of hamburger buns
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Cline admitted to Investigators Wright and Samuels that he intended to drop off the tobacco and food items to a friend inside the correctional facility.

Charges and Legal Implications

Kristopher Cline faces charges for bringing prohibited items into a correctional facility and unlawful carry of a weapon. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which provided the information, emphasizes the seriousness of smuggling contraband into prisons, as it poses significant risks to the safety and security of both inmates and staff.

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Community and Correctional Facility Impact

This incident highlights ongoing challenges faced by correctional facilities in preventing the introduction of contraband. The vigilance of the Office of the Inspector General and the Walker County Sheriff’s Office in identifying and intercepting these activities is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the correctional system.

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