Gloria Hernandez Fails to Secure Candidacy, Leaving Maverick County Attorney Jaime Iracheta Unopposed

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Gloria Hernandez

Eagle Pass, TX – The deadline for submitting signatures to run as an independent candidate for the November General Election has passed, and Gloria Hernandez, despite her vocal criticisms and accusations against Maverick County Attorney Jaime “AJ” Iracheta, has not secured enough support to qualify for the ballot.

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Hernandez, who has been a fierce critic of Iracheta, launched an extensive campaign, highlighting numerous accusations against him. These allegations included abuse of authority, conducting malicious prosecutions, and violating civil rights. Her campaign materials detailed her claims, attempting to sway public opinion against Iracheta.

Despite her efforts to gather the necessary signatures to support her run, Hernandez fell short. In a Facebook post dated February 19, 2024, Hernandez declared her intention to appear on the November ballot as an independent candidate. However, it has become evident that she will not be running, leaving Iracheta to run unopposed in the upcoming election.

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Facebook post from Gloria Hernandez

This development is significant in the political landscape of Maverick County. Iracheta, now facing no opposition, is set to continue his tenure as County Attorney. The situation also raises questions about the influence and future of the Saucedo dynasty within the region’s politics.

No evidence was ever presented by Hernandez to substantiate her claims and rants.

The accusations against Iracheta included claims that he had ill-advised the Commissioners Court, leading to a federal lawsuit, violated the civil rights of individuals, and abused his authority by conducting malicious prosecutions. Hernandez also alleged that Iracheta misrepresented his office and colluded with third-party attorneys against the interests of the citizens.

The allegations were unfounded claims and just another ploy from the remenants of previous administration attempts to push more lies and slander.

Despite many false claims raised by a select few, Iracheta continues with significant support in his efforts to improve the county and his community.

All of the allegations were found to be without merit and the community saw for what Hernandez campaign was about: false allegations, mud slinging and a total failure.

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Gloria Hernandez supporters

Iracheta continues to garner support in his efforts in bringing in technologies and advancements for the community.

We reached out to Hernandez for a comment regarding her inability to secure a spot on the ballot, but she has not responded as of the time of publication. This leaves many in the community wondering about her next steps and the future of her political career.

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