Texas House GOP Caucus Pledges Bold Conservative Agenda for Next Session

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In a bold move, 43 current and anticipated members of the Texas House Republican Caucus have signed a policy commitment for the next legislative session, setting a decidedly conservative agenda. This pledge includes pushing for universal school choice, banning taxpayer-funded lobbying, and enacting stringent border security measures. Other significant items on their agenda are the elimination of school district Maintenance & Operations rates, which are a major component of property tax bills, and prohibiting agents of hostile nations from purchasing Texas land.

This commitment is seen as an effort to rebuild trust between Texans and their elected representatives by aligning legislative actions more closely with conservative principles. The declaration also emphasizes educational reforms in both public and higher education institutions and a robust defense of Second Amendment rights.

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One of the more notable failures from previous sessions, school choice, which was removed from the education omnibus bill last November, is back on the agenda. Governor Greg Abbott, who has championed this cause, claims to have secured sufficient support to pass the measure in the upcoming session. This follows a significant political campaign against several House Republicans who opposed the measure last session.

Efforts to ban taxpayer-funded lobbying have seen diminishing support in the House over the last three sessions, with proposed legislation either being diluted significantly or stalling out. Additionally, a proposal to prevent the acquisition of Texan lands by foreign entities identified as hostile also failed to advance past committee discussions in previous sessions.

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This new policy commitment represents the third public declaration this year advocating for conservative legislative reforms. It follows the controversial pledge to oppose Democratic chair appointments and support the GOP caucus-endorsed candidate for speaker, which garnered 46 signatures.

However, this latest pledge has not been without its detractors. Some members of the GOP caucus have expressed concerns about the absence of a ban on Democratic committee chairs in the commitment. Also, Representative Tom Oliverson, who is running for speaker, criticized the commitment for lacking necessary procedural reforms to achieve these objectives.

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As the political landscape continues to evolve, this commitment by a significant faction of the Texas House Republican Caucus highlights ongoing ideological divisions within the party and sets the stage for potentially heated debates in the upcoming legislative session.

Source: The Texan News

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