Maverick County Sheriff’s Office Overtime Spending Raises Concerns

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A recent report from the Maverick County Auditor, read aloud during the Commissioners Court meeting, has shed light on substantial overtime spending within the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office, raising questions about financial management and operational efficiency. The report, which was presented to the Commissioners Court, details the overtime expenses for both the Sheriff’s Department and the County Jail for the fiscal years 2023 and 2024.

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Overtime Expenses Overview

From October 1, 2023, through April 15, 2024, the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department has already utilized 79% of the previous year’s total overtime budget. At the current rate, the department is projected to spend approximately $214,400 in overtime by the end of the fiscal year, a significant increase from $147,442 in 2023.

The name of the top earner of the overtime at the Sheriff’s Office was not revealed in Commissioner Court, although Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber pinpointed the individual stating that he was an investigator and also a supervisor. He elaborated even more stating that he is the only investigator that can receive overtime because he is the only supervisor for the investigators. a

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Detailed Overtime Breakdown

The report offers an in-depth analysis of the overtime hours and payments:

Fiscal Year 2023:

  • The top overtime earner logged 745 hours, representing 14% of the department’s total overtime, with an overtime pay of $24,212.
  • The combined total for the top two earners was 1,452 hours (27% of the total), with overtime payments amounting to $43,196.
  • The top five earners accumulated 2,308 hours (43%), receiving $66,578 in overtime pay.
  • The top ten earners logged 3,343 hours (63%) and were paid $95,550 in overtime.

Year-to-Date Fiscal Year 2024

  • The leading overtime earner has accumulated 657 hours, making up 16% of the total, with an overtime pay of $21,305.
  • The top two earners have logged 982 hours (23%), with overtime payments totaling $30,846.
  • The top five earners have accounted for 1,549 hours (37%), receiving $51,519 in overtime pay.

Summary of Findings

Key findings from the report include:

  • A large portion of the overtime is concentrated among a few individuals.
  • The rapid accumulation of overtime expenses suggests potential inefficiencies in workload distribution and staffing practices.

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Implications for Maverick County Sheriff’s Office

The report indicates that the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office may need to address its staffing and financial management practices. The high levels of overtime could point to issues such as understaffing or inefficient use of existing resources.

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Commissioner Court’s Response

During the Commissioners Court meeting, where the report was read aloud, county officials expressed concern over the findings. The significant overtime expenditure has prompted discussions on potential corrective actions to ensure more efficient use of resources within the Sheriff’s Office.

The Maverick County Auditor’s report highlights significant concerns regarding overtime spending within the Sheriff’s Office. Overtime expenses are already nearing previous years’ totals just halfway through the fiscal year, underscoring the need for closer scrutiny and potentially corrective actions to ensure efficient use of resources and responsible financial management.

As the community and county officials digest these findings, the focus will be on how the Sheriff’s Office manages its budget and resources moving forward to better serve the residents of Maverick County.

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