Opinion: Maverick County Needs a Full-Time Tax Assessor Collector

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EAGLE PASS, TEXAS — Tomorrow marks the beginning of early voting for the Maverick County Tax Assessor Collector runoff election, and this race is more than just a contest between two candidates; it’s a referendum on what we, as residents, value in our public servants. Incumbent Asalia Casares and challenger Ruben Montemayor offer starkly different visions for the role, and the choice before us is clear: Maverick County deserves a full-time Tax Assessor Collector dedicated to serving our community without distraction.

The Heart of the Issue

The core issue in this election is not about who has the most endorsements or who performs best in debates and media appearances. It’s about who can commit fully to the responsibilities of the Tax Assessor Collector office. Casares, who currently holds the position, also works full-time for the Eagle Pass Independent School District. This dual commitment raises significant concerns about her ability to effectively manage the tax office and address the urgent needs of residents.

Imagine facing the loss of your home due to tax issues, only to find that the person who is supposed to help you is unavailable because they are busy with another job. This scenario is not just hypothetical; it’s a reality many of us could face under the current leadership. The Tax Assessor Collector office requires someone who can be present, accessible, and dedicated to the role full-time. Anything less is a disservice to the residents of Maverick County.

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Casares’ Divided Attention

Casares’ tenure has been marked by her inability to prioritize the Tax Assessor Collector office due to her full-time job at the school district. Her responsibilities there typically end around 3:30 PM, leaving minimal time for her to attend to the pressing needs of our community. This arrangement has led to inefficiencies and frustration among residents who rely on the tax office for critical services.

Moreover, Casares promised to resign from her school district position to focus on the Tax Assessor Collector role but has not followed through. This broken promise calls into question her commitment and integrity. How can we trust someone to manage our county’s tax affairs when they can’t even keep their word?

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Montemayor’s Commitment

In contrast, Ruben Montemayor offers a compelling alternative. With over a decade of experience as an assistant municipal judge, Montemayor has demonstrated a strong dedication to public service. His campaign has focused on exposing the inadequacies of Casares’ administration, particularly her limited availability and the resulting customer service issues.

Montemayor’s message is clear: Maverick County needs a full-time Tax Assessor Collector. He has pledged to dedicate himself entirely to the role, ensuring that residents receive the attention and service they deserve. His support from former candidate Leeroy Euresti further strengthens his position, indicating a broad base of trust and confidence in his ability to lead effectively.

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The Bigger Picture

This runoff election is about more than just the candidates; it’s about setting a standard for public office in Maverick County. We need to move away from accepting part-time commitments for full-time responsibilities. The efficiency and responsiveness of the Tax Assessor Collector office are crucial for the well-being of our community. By electing a full-time official, we can ensure better management, quicker responses to issues, and more innovative solutions to improve services.

The choice is in our hands. As early voting begins, we must decide whether we want a leader who divides their attention or one who is fully dedicated to the role. Our decision will shape the future of the Tax Assessor Collector’s office and, by extension, the financial health and stability of our community.

As we head to the polls, let’s vote for a candidate who can commit wholeheartedly to serving Maverick County. Let’s choose someone who will be present, accountable, and dedicated to making our tax office the best it can be. Ruben Montemayor has shown he is ready to take on this responsibility full-time. It’s time for a change. Let’s make it happen.

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