Eagle Pass Raises Concerns Over Just 1 Management LLC’s Festival Cost Breakdown


EAGLE PASS, TX — Fresh scrutiny has emerged over the 57 South Music Festival as the Maverick Times News has obtained a detailed breakdown of the costs invoiced by Just 1 Management LLC for promoting the event. This revelation has intensified the ongoing controversy surrounding the selection of the newly established company for managing one of Eagle Pass’s key cultural events.

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Details from the Invoiced Costs

The document, sourced from insiders, outlines various expenses charged by Just 1 Management LLC, which was responsible for the 2023 festival. The disclosed invoices have led to questions about the transparency and justification behind the costs, especially considering the company’s short history and its selection as the alleged sole bidder.

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Community and Promoters Demand Clarity

Local promoters and community members, already unsettled by the choice of Just 1 Management LLC, are now seeking more detailed explanations of the invoiced amounts. The lack of competition in the bidding process and the now-visible cost details have prompted calls for a comprehensive review of the selection and contracting procedures.

Calls for Investigative Review

Amidst the rising concern, there is a growing demand for an investigative review into the contract award process. Stakeholders are urging the city council to disclose the evaluation criteria and the decision-making process that led to the selection of Just 1 Management LLC. Transparency in these areas is seen as crucial to restoring public trust.

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Potential Repercussions for City Management

The situation underscores the need for stringent governance and accountability in managing public events and funds. The outcome of any investigative actions could have significant implications for future city events and for how contracts are awarded, aiming to ensure fairness and competitiveness in public dealings.

Continued Oversight by the Community

As the story unfolds, the role of community oversight cannot be understated. Eagle Pass residents are poised to keep a close watch on developments, ensuring that their concerns are addressed and that similar issues are prevented in future city-managed events. The detailed cost breakdown provided by Just 1 Management LLC will likely serve as a critical piece in understanding the broader implications of the city’s contracting practices.

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