Texas Attorney General Moves to Block Harris County’s “Guaranteed Income” Program

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Austin, Texas – In a significant legal move, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has requested the Texas Supreme Court to halt a controversial “guaranteed income” program in Harris County, citing violations of state law. The program, which offers $500 monthly payments to selected residents, has ignited a heated legal battle over its constitutionality.

Background of the Dispute

The conflict stems from Harris County’s initiative to provide 1,928 residents with $500 monthly for 18 months without any obligations. The recipients, including various classifications of noncitizens, are part of a welfare scheme that, according to Paxton, directly contradicts the Texas Constitution. The Constitution prohibits any state subdivision from granting public money in aid to individuals, a rule that Harris County’s program appears to breach.

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Legal Journey to the Supreme Court

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) initially sought a temporary injunction to stop the payments, but after a lower court denied this request, the OAG quickly escalated the matter to the Supreme Court of Texas. Paxton’s office is now urging the high court to provide emergency relief and pause the program while lower courts deliberate on the legal nuances of the case.

Implications of the Case

This lawsuit highlights a broader national debate on the legality and ethics of guaranteed income programs, which are designed to provide financial stability to low-income residents. Supporters argue that such programs are essential for reducing poverty and boosting local economies, while critics, like Paxton, view them as unconstitutional and a misuse of public funds.

Attorney General Paxton expressed strong opposition to the program, stating, “Harris County officials cannot continue to abuse their power and the people’s money to score political points.” He affirmed his commitment to challenging the program at every legal juncture.

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What’s Next?

As the Texas Supreme Court considers this urgent appeal, the outcome could set a precedent for similar programs across the state and potentially across the nation. Both supporters and critics of the guaranteed income scheme are closely watching the developments, which could redefine the boundaries of state support for vulnerable populations.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story, as the legal battle unfolds and further details emerge about the implications of Harris County’s income experiment.

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