Governor Abbott Promotes Preparedness with Texas Emergency Supplies Sales Tax Holiday

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Austin, TX – Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) have announced the dates for this year’s Emergency Supplies Sales Tax Holiday. From Saturday, April 27 through Monday, April 29, Texans are encouraged to purchase emergency preparedness supplies without paying sales tax. This initiative aims to prepare residents for severe weather events and other emergencies.

Importance of Being Prepared

In a statement, Governor Abbott emphasized the critical nature of readiness in the face of potential disasters. “Having emergency supplies on-hand is a critical part of being prepared for potential severe weather,” Abbott said. He urged all Texans to utilize this tax-free weekend to stock up on essential supplies, such as first aid kits, flashlights, and hand-held fire extinguishers.

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Background of the Sales Tax Holiday

The Emergency Supplies Sales Tax Holiday was established by Senate Bill 905, signed into law by Governor Abbott in 2015. This annual event allows Texans to purchase specific emergency preparation supplies tax-free, both online and in stores, facilitating easier access to crucial safety items.


What Qualifies for the Tax Exemption?

Items that qualify for the tax exemption include household batteries, fuel containers, and portable generators priced under $3,000. More expensive items such as portable generators costing up to $3,000 or emergency ladders and hurricane shutters priced under $300 are also exempt. The Texas Comptroller’s website provides a comprehensive list of tax-free items and further details about the holiday.

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Encouraging Community Safety

As Texas approaches its stormy season, which often includes spring storms and the threat of wildfires, along with the hurricane season starting June 1, readiness is more important than ever. Governor Abbott also highlighted, a resource that offers tips and information on disaster preparedness, including how to build an effective emergency supply kit.

This tax-free weekend is part of a broader effort to ensure that all Texans have the resources they need to stay safe during emergencies. By promoting preparedness through financial incentives like the Sales Tax Holiday, Texas leaders hope to foster a culture of readiness that could significantly mitigate the impacts of disasters on residents and communities across the state.

Residents across Texas are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies while saving on the cost of essential supplies.

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