Texas Legislators Rally Behind #ContractWithTexas, Total Signatories Reach 25

House Speaker Dade Phelan,
House Speaker Dade Phelan

State Representative Brian Harrison proudly announced the addition of two more legislators, Chris Spencer and Trey Wharton, to the growing list of signatories of the #ContractWithTexas. This initiative, aimed at driving fundamental change within the Texas House of Representatives, has now rallied 25 current and prospective members in a united stand to prioritize Texans and combat corruption.

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The Promise of the #ContractWithTexas

The #ContractWithTexas is not just a document; it’s a pledge to the people of Texas, representing a collective commitment to overhaul the operations of the Texas House. The contract outlines a series of reforms designed to ensure the integrity, transparency, and efficiency of the House, including:

  • Ensuring only GOP legislative priorities receive a floor vote before any Democrat bills.
  • Limiting the Speaker’s tenure to two terms to prevent power concentration.
  • Encouraging open recordings of all House proceedings to promote accountability.

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A Stand Against “The Corrupt Austin Swamp”

This recent announcement signals a growing movement against what Harrison calls “the corrupt Austin swamp.” By securing the support of Spencer and Wharton, the contract underscores a widespread desire among Republican members to steer the state government away from entrenched bureaucratic interests and towards a more transparent and accountable leadership.

Community and Legislative Implications

The community reaction to this movement has been a mixture of support and anticipation, with Texans looking forward to the promised reforms. The contract’s emphasis on ethical governance resonates with a populace eager for change and tired of the status quo.

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Looking to the Future

The #ContractWithTexas represents more than just a list of reforms; it’s a vision for the future of Texas governance. With 25 signatures and counting, the contract promises to be a cornerstone in the upcoming legislative session, potentially reshaping the way the Texas House operates and impacting policies for years to come.

Representative Harrison’s announcement via social media has galvanized support, capturing the attention of both constituents and fellow lawmakers. As the list of supporters grows, so does the potential for these reforms to take root and drive a new era of Republican leadership in Texas.

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Next Steps

The contract is gaining traction and all eyes are on the Texas legislature to see how these proposed changes will unfold. The signatories are gearing up for what might be a transformative period in Texas politics, with the promise to deliver on the expectations of their voters and bring about a renewed sense of duty and service to the state.

In an ever-evolving political landscape, the #ContractWithTexas stands as a testament to the willingness of Texas legislators to advocate for and enact change. It remains to be seen how this contract will influence the workings of the Texas House and the broader political discourse in the state.

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