Choche’s BBQ Celebrates Success at Concan Cookoff with Multiple Awards

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Jorge “Choche” Flores, the owner and pitmaster of Choche’s BBQ and Bar in Eagle Pass, Texas, recently shared his excitement after a successful outing at a BBQ cookoff in Concan. Returning from a refreshing three-day break filled with relaxation and family time, Flores and his team made a significant impact at the event with their culinary skills.

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“We are back from a great 3 days out in Concan! Got to catch up on some sleep, and some great quality time with my wife and J3!!!! But we still snuck in some BBQ, it’s one of our favorite cookoffs, and I’m glad we were able to do it!” Flores expressed. Despite the light-duty cooking, the team managed to excel, turning in impressive performances across several categories.

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At the cookoff, Choche’s BBQ showcased their prowess by securing notable placements:

  • 4th in Cooks Choice with their Texas Twinkies,
  • 7th in Dessert for a delectable Key Lime Pie,
  • A striking 2nd place in the Bloody Mary competition with Cuaya Soto, a celebrated drink also available at their bar,
  • Reached the final table with their Chicken,
  • 7th in Brisket,
  • And notably, 1st Place in Ribs, marking back-to-back victories at Neal’s with what Flores calls a “monster rib,” which also secured them 4th overall.

These achievements highlight the skill and passion of the Choche’s BBQ team, as they continue to delight both local patrons and cook off judges with their exceptional barbecue and beverages.

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