City Council to Address Excessive Expenses for Solar Eclipse Music Festival

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City Council to Address Excessive Expenses for Solar Eclipse Music Festival

The City Council to Address Excessive Expenses for Solar Eclipse Music Festival

Eagle Pass, Texas – On April 1st, the City Council of Eagle Pass convened for their regular meeting to discuss various matters, including the expenses incurred for the solar eclipse music festival scheduled to take place from April 5th to 7th in the vicinity of the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. Points 21 and 22 out of the total 34 agenda items will be dedicated to this issue. The City Council deliberated on possible actions to be taken, including the initiation of an internal audit investigation to ascertain the appropriate use of allocated resources.

Concerns Raised

Concerns from city council shed light on the need to verify the disbursements made for the festival, as well as examine the contract between the City of Eagle Pass and the event promoters, along with the participating artists.

Additionally, the City Council will consider seeking the opinion of the Attorney General regarding the selection of event promoters through the procurement process and any other related matters.

The primary focus of the investigation is the substantial amount of money, approximately $3 million, spent on hiring music bands for the festival.

Change of Venue and Discussion in the City Council

The original plan was to hold the musical event at Shelby Park. However, due to the militarization of that area, the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas suggested relocating the festival near the casino on their grounds. The City Council deliberated on this matter in a previous meeting. Councilman Mario Garcia requested the item be taken into executive session for consultation with legal counsel. Following the executive session, Councilwoman Monica J. Cruz provided an update on the decision made regarding a forensic audit of the planning and expenditures for the eclipse event.

It is worth noting that a few months ago, the Finance Director, Jessie Rodriguez, was released from his services by the City of Eagle Pass. He held the sole responsibility of overseeing the financial aspects of the event. The approval of a forensic audit indicates the City Council’s commitment to investigating the procurement process for the festival, ensuring transparency and accountability. Monica J. Cruz spoke about the approval of the forensic audit that will be performed at the City Council meeting after returning from executive session.

As the investigation unfolds, the City of Eagle Pass will continue to prioritize transparency and accountability in its financial dealings. The findings of the audits will provide valuable insights into the planning and expenditures for the pre-solar eclipse music festival, allowing the City Council to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to rectify any discrepancies.

It is crucial for the City Council to address these concerns promptly and effectively to ensure the responsible use of taxpayer funds and maintain the trust of the community. The residents of Eagle Pass deserve transparency and accountability from their elected officials, and it is the City Council’s responsibility to uphold these principles.

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