Jorge Flores II’s Stellar Performance at the San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off

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Photo: Choche’s BBQ

Discover Jorge Flores II’s extraordinary achievement at the San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off, where his culinary skills earned him top honors. Learn about his journey, support from his family, and the impact on the Eagle Pass community. Visit Choche’s BBQ for a taste of victory!

The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Bar-B-Que Cook-Off, a prestigious event known for its fierce competition and high standards, recently witnessed a remarkable display of culinary prowess by Jorge Flores II. Representing Eagle Pass, Texas, Flores II achieved an extraordinary feat at this year’s cook-off, marking a significant moment in his barbecue journey.

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A Triumphant Return to Competition

After dedicating his time to running Choche’s BBQ, Flores II returned to the competitive BBQ arena, proving that his skills remain top-notch. With over 300 teams vying for the top spots, the competition was intense and challenging. Yet, Flores II managed to secure impressive rankings:

  • 15th Place in Chicken: Demonstrating his versatility and mastery over different meats.
  • 5th Place in Brisket: Showcasing his skill in handling this challenging cut.
  • 1st Place in Ribs: A crowning achievement, placing him at the pinnacle among his peers.
  • 10th Place in Drink: “La Toxica” a popular margarita available at Choche’s BBQ.
  • 1st Place in Dessert: Sweets or meats, Choche’s up to the feat.
  • Reserved Grand Champion

This outstanding performance is a testament to his enduring talent and passion for BBQ.

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Photo: Choche’s BBQ

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A Family and Community Affair

The success of Jorge Flores II is not just his alone but also a reflection of the unwavering support from his family and friends. A special mention goes to his father, Jorge Flores, for being his steadfast supporter, embodying the spirit of ‘ride or die’. This victory is as much a celebration of familial bonds as it is of individual skill.

Choche’s BBQ: A Local Culinary Gem

The acclaim that Flores II has garnered through his competitive success is mirrored in the quality and taste of the offerings at Choche’s BBQ. Located in Eagle Pass, the BBQ joint welcomes guests with its award-winning dishes, sumptuous desserts, and refreshing margaritas. Open Wednesday to Sunday starting at 11 am, it’s a must-visit for BBQ enthusiasts and foodies alike.

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Eagle Pass Pride

The achievements of Jorge Flores II at the San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off bring pride to the Eagle Pass community. It’s a celebration of local talent reaching new heights and gaining recognition in a competitive and highly respected arena.

Jorge Flores II’s success at the San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off is a story of passion, skill, and community. His journey from running a full-time BBQ business to reclaiming his status as a top competitor is inspiring. As he brings home the banners and buckle, he carries with him not just these accolades but the pride and support of his family, friends, and the entire Eagle Pass community.

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