Exclusive: Maverick County Attorney Jaime Iracheta Responds to Sheriff Schmerber’s Operation Lone Star Claims

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Maverick County Attorney Jaime “AJ” Iracheta has responded to accusations made by Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber regarding the administration of Operation Lone Star (OLS) funds. The dispute, unveiled through a statement released by Sheriff Schmerber to local news media.

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County Attorney Fires Back

We continue to work Operation Lone Star. It is unfortunate that a sheriff who can not run his own department continues to try and seek others to blame for his own shortcomings. It has been a constant battle having to put up with his poorly run department and many good employees continue to suffer under his incompetent administration.

Maverick County Attorney Jaime “AJ” Iracheta

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Statement by Sheriff Tom Schmerber


Operation Lone Star (OLS) Funding

Operation Lone Star is a government initiative providing financial assistance to regions grappling with the challenges of the current Border Crisis. Maverick County, situated in the heart of the crisis in Eagle Pass, received substantial funding through OLS. After the initial year, discrepancies in the administration of funds by the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office prompted a significant change.

Jaime “AJ” Iracheta, the Maverick County Attorney, was appointed as the Authorized Official of the Operation Lone Star funds. This decision followed a careful evaluation by the state authorities, stepping in due to concerns over the administration of funds by the Sheriff Tom Schmerber.

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$3.9 Million at the Heart of the Dispute

The Operation Lone Star funding allocated to Maverick County amounts to over $3.9 million. This substantial sum, intended for addressing critical needs arising from the border crisis, now becomes a subject of legal and administrative contention. County Attorney Iracheta’s response aims to clarify the County Attorney’s Office’s role in ensuring the proper utilization of these funds.

Open border supporter Democrat Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber is running for re-election.

(UPDATE 1) 10:01 PM – Maverick County received $3.9M in funding. The previously written $2.7M was a miscalculated amount.

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