Watch: Shocking Fraud Uncovered in Petition Against Maverick County’s $7.2 Million Certificates of Obligation Bond

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Discover the truth about the shocking fraud in Maverick County’s $7.2 million certificates of obligation petition. According to the Elections Administrator Mrs. Villarreal, 668 signatures were invalid, citing duplicates signatures, unregistered voters and even one deceased person signed the petition.

During the Maverick County Commissioners Court session, a petition that aimed to trigger an election on the proposed $7.2 million certificates of obligation has been exposed to rampant fraud. The disclosure, made by officials, including Elections Administrator Mrs. Villarreal, has sent shockwaves through the community.

Mrs. Villarreal detailed that the petition submitted by citizens, spearheaded by Miss Enriqueta Diaz and Mr. Mayito Obregon, underwent rigorous verification. Out of the 2,333 signatures received, a staggering 668 were invalidated. The reasons ranged from duplicates to incomplete information, with the most alarming revelation being one signature traced back to a deceased person.

According to the Maverick County Elections Administrator, Miss Enriqueta Diaz and Mr. Mayito Obregon, the government document submitted by the pair had many signs of fraud with 668 invalid signatures including a deceased person signing the petition.

Discrepancies and Disqualifications

The petition necessitated 1,552 valid signatures, but only 1,665 passed the authenticity test after cross-referencing with voter registration records. Discrepancies were identified, leading to the disqualification of the fraudulent votes. This revelation has raised serious concerns about the integrity of the democratic process within Maverick County.

Commissioners Express Concerns

During the discussion, commissioners expressed their deep concerns. Judge Ramsey English-Cantú, visibly shocked, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “This is flat out wrong, and it is unfortunate.” The court delved deeper into the petition, highlighting that citizens who signed it were explicitly protesting the issuance of the $7.2 million certificates of obligation, citing concerns about unforeseen emergencies.

Enriqueta Diaz congratulated by Sheriff Tom Schmerber and David Saucedo.

Contempt and Legal Action

As tensions escalated, the court took a decisive step by holding Ms. Enriqueta Diaz in contempt for disruptive behavior and repeated “hateful” remarks. The court is resolved to initiate proper legal processes to address the fraudulent signatures, ensuring the maintenance of the integrity of the election system.

The shocking revelation of fraud has cast a shadow over the $7.2 million certificates of obligation, prompting questions about the motives behind the fraudulent signatures and the potential impact on the county’s decision-making process. Authorities have pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, aiming to unveil the truth behind this unprecedented scandal.

The certificate of obligations faced further turmoil as the issue escalated to the Federal Court in Del Rio. A court date is set for February 2024, where Maverick County will present evidence of Enriquetta Diaz’s provocative behavior towards members of the commissioners’ court, including yelling “hateful and homophobic” remarks. The scandal has not only raised questions about the democratic process but has also sparked a broader conversation about the accountability and transparency of local governance.

As Maverick County navigates through this unprecedented scandal, the community awaits answers about the motives behind the fraudulent signatures and the potential consequences for those involved. The impact on decision-making processes and the county’s reputation remains uncertain, underscoring the importance of upholding the democratic principles that form the foundation of any community.

Enriqueta Diaz after being removed from Commissioners Court for Homophobic Slurs at the Court. According to the our source, Sheriff Tom Schmerber did not follow the procedures in booking Diaz. The Sheriff has received backlash on showing favoritism to paterons.

Source: Eagle Pass Texas News

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