Texas DPS Investigations at Shelby Park: Findings & Overview

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Explore the Texas DPS Shelby Park investigations’ outcomes, addressing migrant-related concerns and law enforcement actions. Dive into the OIG’s comprehensive report.

Insights from Investigations

The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) launched separate investigations, OIG 2023-0296 and OIG 2023-0301, on July 14, 2023. These inquiries arose from concerns voiced by six Department commissioned officers deployed to the Shelby Park area of Eagle Pass. Their correspondence highlighted various challenges encountered during their missions, prompting thorough investigations by the OIG.

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Detailed Findings & Interpretation

The investigations’ outcomes shed light on significant aspects:

Migrants’ Water Provision:

Contrary to claims, there was no explicit order barring water provision to migrants. The directive aimed to avoid creating incentives for unauthorized river crossings. Migrants received necessary water assistance when warranted.

Medical Assistance to Migrants:

Medical care was extended to migrants whenever required or requested. No substantial evidence supported claims of denying medical assistance by DPS personnel.

Criminal Trespass Arrests:

Following authorization from the City of Eagle Pass, individuals were apprehended for criminal trespass within Shelby Park. Instances occurred where families disregarded warnings, leading to arrests or transfer to Border Patrol.

Directives on Migrant Handling:

Contrary to allegations, no direct mandate was issued to use physical force against migrants. Instead, verbal instructions guided migrants to return to Mexico and cross legally at designated U.S. Ports of Entry.

Evaluation of Use of Force:

The investigations did not unveil any deliberate or indiscriminate use of force by agency personnel against migrants. Policies regarding the use of force were not found to be violated.

Migrant Injuries & Deterrent Measures:

While some migrants sustained injuries due to the area’s deterrence measures, there was no concrete evidence proving deliberate intent to harm. Signage and long-range acoustic devices aimed to discourage river crossings.

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Understanding the Operational Context

Acknowledging the complexity of the Shelby Park operation, the DPS South Texas command recalibrated operations in response to the unprecedented migrant influx. Some personnel expressed reservations about the strategies employed. However, the investigations revealed that most concerns didn’t equate to policy or law violations.

The investigations into the Shelby Park operation by the Texas DPS OIG addressed numerous concerns raised by deployed officers. While challenges were identified, the findings indicated a lack of systemic violations of established policies or laws. The operational adjustments made by the DPS South Texas command aligned with legal and policy frameworks.

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Document released from Texas DPS Office of Inspector General

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