Victoria Gabriela Rodriguez-Morales: Arrest Details & Threats Unveiled

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Uncover the case of Victoria Gabriela Rodriguez-Morales’ arrest, revealing a pattern of threats against the Uvalde community and her current detention status.

Chronicle of Threats and Federal Custody

Recent court records from KSAT Investigates unveil the detention of Victoria Gabriela Rodriguez-Morales, 19, facing charges of making interstate threats against the Uvalde community. Details spanning from 2018 to recent incidents shed light on a troubling pattern.

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Pattern of Threats and Investigation Unveiled

Investigations led by the FBI and Secret Service discovered a history of threats aimed at public officials, institutions, and citizens of Uvalde, allegedly orchestrated by Rodriguez-Morales. The investigations traced her involvement back to 2018 when she resided in Uvalde and continued after moving to Puerto Rico in 2020.

The court documents recount disturbing instances where Rodriguez-Morales reportedly made specific threats targeting Uvalde schools, individuals, and even politicians, referencing the tragic shooting incident at Robb Elementary School.

Social media posts and emails allegedly attributed to her contained alarming content, with direct threats and plans for violence at educational institutions, along with threatening messages to officials.

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Press Release From Department of Justice

Request for Detention and Court Findings

Authorities have filed a request for pretrial detention due to the severity and persistent nature of the threats, highlighting their disruptive impact on the community. The court records reflect concerns over her behavior, citing diagnosed disorders and a history of non-compliance and aggression toward officials.

Rodriguez-Morales’ pretrial detention status is pending a decision by the judge, while ongoing investigations by the FBI’s San Juan Bureau continue to uncover the extent of her alleged involvement in the threats against the Uvalde community.

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Source: KSAT12

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