Texas Attorney General Sues Pfizer for COVID-19 Vaccine Misrepresentation

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Photo: Ken Paxton and Donald J. Trump – KVUE

Texas AG files lawsuit against Pfizer for deceptive COVID-19 vaccine claims and censoring public discourse. Details on the lawsuit and misleading vaccine efficacy.

Deceptive Claims and Censorship by Pfizer

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has initiated legal action against Pfizer, Inc., accusing the pharmaceutical giant of deceitful practices in relation to its COVID-19 vaccine. The lawsuit alleges that Pfizer engaged in false, deceptive, and misleading acts by misrepresenting the effectiveness of its vaccine and attempting to stifle open discourse surrounding the product.

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Misleading Efficacy Claims and Censorship Tactics

Pfizer’s claims of 95% efficacy against infection were based on the “relative risk reduction” observed in its initial two-month clinical trial. However, FDA publications caution against the undue influence of this statistic on consumer choice, highlighting its potential to mislead. Furthermore, Pfizer failed to provide transparent information indicating the uncertainty of vaccine protection beyond two months.

Moreover, the company’s clinical trials did not assess the vaccine’s ability to prevent transmission, yet Pfizer aggressively promoted the vaccine as a protective measure against infection, effectively intimidating the public into receiving it.

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Contrary to its claims, the lawsuit contends that the vaccine failed to meet Pfizer’s assertions, with some regions experiencing increased COVID-19 cases post-vaccination. Alarmingly, certain areas witnessed a higher proportion of COVID-19-related deaths among the vaccinated population compared to the unvaccinated.

Censorship and Intimidation Tactics

As evidence of vaccine shortcomings became apparent, Pfizer allegedly resorted to silencing dissenters and truth-tellers. The lawsuit underscores Pfizer’s attempts to label those disseminating factual information about the vaccine as “criminals” and coerce social media platforms into censoring vaccine critics.

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Attorney General Paxton reaffirms his commitment to seeking justice for Texans misled by Pfizer’s actions, highlighting the coercion induced by vaccine mandates. This legal action stands as a testament to protecting citizens against deceptive pharmaceutical practices and censoring of critical discourse.

Read the petition here.

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