Fort Clark Springs Drug Bust Unveils Major Seizures: Details Inside

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In a significant drug bust at Bliss Circle, Fort Clark Springs, Sheriff’s Deputies uncover a trove of narcotics and firearms. Explore the unfolding events, charges, and potential federal implications in this developing story.

Sheriff’s Deputies in Fort Clark Springs made a substantial breakthrough on Friday (11/24) following a critical drug bust at Bliss Circle. Salvador Romo Mercado, aged 54, was swiftly apprehended without any resistance as deputies arrived at the scene.

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Unraveling the Bust Details

Authorities seized a considerable cache of illicit substances during the operation, including methamphetamine, marijuana, and a collection of handguns. Notably, the volume of narcotics recovered suggests an intent for distribution rather than personal use.

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Fort Clark Springs home

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Pending Charges and Suspect Profile

Mercado faces a range of drug-related charges, with the possibility of additional charges, particularly federal ones linked to the firearms. Chief Deputy Armando M. Garcia highlighted Mercado’s extensive criminal history, mainly originating from Pasadena, California.

Source: Kinney County Sheriff’s Office FB

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