Chicago Hit by Spate of Armed Robberies, Suspects Remain at Large

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Chicago reels from a series of armed robberies across multiple areas. Details on the incidents, suspects, and the urgent appeal for information by Chicago police. Stay informed.

Rash of Incidents Across Chicago

Chicago is reeling in the aftermath of a series of alarming armed robberies that occurred in rapid succession across various neighborhoods on Sunday morning. In less than three hours, multiple incidents unfolded on the North, West, South, and Southwest sides, leaving a trail of fear and urgency in the city.

Suspects and Incident Details

In each case, the modus operandi remained distressingly similar. Per Chicago police reports, a black Audi G5 bearing Illinois license plate #BW72037 was involved, with suspects disembarking from the vehicle to brandish firearms and demand personal belongings from the victims.

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Reports indicate that in four of these distressing encounters, victims were subjected to physical assault by the perpetrators. Tragically, one of the robberies resulted in a shooting incident, escalating the gravity of the situation.

The suspects, as described by Chicago police, comprised three Hispanic males and one Black male, all clad in dark-colored hoodies, black pants, and black ski masks, adding a challenge to their identification.

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Incident Locations and Urgent Appeal

The incidents were reported across multiple locations, starting from the early hours of the morning, spanning areas such as West 21st Street, West Cermak Road, South Talman Avenue, West 44th Street, South Hoyne Avenue, South Oakley Avenue, South Sacramento Boulevard, South Maplewood Avenue, West 53rd Street, West 38th Street, North Harding Avenue, North Keystone Avenue, West Lyndale Street, and South Sacramento Boulevard.

Chicago police have urgently appealed to the public for any information regarding these harrowing incidents. They encourage anyone with relevant information to contact Area 1, 3, 4, or 5 detectives at 312-747-8384/8253/8263/7394, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in resolving these cases swiftly.

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The situation remains fluid as authorities intensify their efforts to apprehend the suspects and ensure the safety and security of Chicago residents.

Source: Fox 32 Chicago

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