Maverick County Takes Steps to Balance Budget by Reducing Tax Rate and Eliminating Unnecessary Positions

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EAGLE PASS, TX – In a recent meeting of the Maverick County Commissioner’s Court, held on September 25, 2023, the court discussed several key issues related to the county’s fiscal health. The court is taking proactive steps to balance the budget by reducing the tax rate and eliminating unnecessary positions.

The court addressed an encroachment situation (item number 33) and recommended a legal review to determine the next steps. This move is part of a broader strategy to streamline operations and ensure that all county activities are legally sound and financially sustainable.

The court also discussed a maintenance contract (item number 39), recommending adherence to policy and providing next steps for review to the Audit Department. This motion was unanimously approved, demonstrating the court’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and efficient use of county resources.

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The meeting then turned to the fiscal budget for 2024. The budget officer highlighted the fiscal responsibility of the county and stressed the importance of avoiding bankruptcy. The officer criticized salary adjustments made in October of last year by the previous administration, stating that these actions have left Maverick County in a difficult financial situation.

In response to this challenge, Maverick County is taking decisive action. The county is reducing its tax rate in an effort to stimulate economic growth and relieve financial pressure on residents. Additionally, the county is eliminating unnecessary positions, ensuring that every dollar spent is contributing to essential services for residents.

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These measures are expected to bring Maverick County’s budget back into balance and ensure a sustainable financial future for the county. Stay tuned for more updates on Maverick County’s fiscal plans.

Maverick County Commissioner’s Court Meeting Agenda

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