Illegal Border Crossings on the Rise in Eagle Pass

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  • 4 large groups of undocumented migrants apprehended over Labor Day weekend
  • Agents working around the clock to secure borders
  • Increase in crossings a serious concern for safety of communities

Illegal border crossings are on the rise in Eagle Pass, Texas. Over the Labor Day weekend, Border Patrol agents in the city apprehended four large groups of undocumented migrants, totaling 504 people.

Eagle Pass Agents Apprehend 261 Undocumented Migrants in 90 Minutes

The largest group, consisting of 287 people, was apprehended on Saturday. The other groups were made up of 104, 68, and 45 people, respectively.

The increase in illegal border crossings is likely due to a number of factors, including the warm weather, the start of the school year, and the ongoing political instability in Central America.

Nicaraguan National Arrested in Dimmit County Traffic Stop

Border Patrol agents in Eagle Pass are working around the clock to apprehend illegal immigrants and prevent them from entering the United States. They are also working to identify and prosecute the smugglers who are facilitating these crossings.

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The increase in illegal border crossings is a serious concern for the safety of our communities. It is important that we take steps to secure our borders and prevent these crossings from happening.

Source: Del Rio Sector of the United States Border Patrol

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