Nicaraguan National Arrested in Dimmit County Traffic Stop

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On September 4, 2023, a Dimmit County Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a tractor trailer on North 1st St. The driver was identified as a Nicaraguan national. The driver’s immigration status was confirmed to be illegal through USBP. A search of the tractor was conducted and a white powdery substance was discovered in the driver’s wallet. 

After a field test on the powdery substance, it was determined to not be an illegal drug. USBP took custody of the driver, and the tractor was towed.

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The recent news of a Nicaraguan national being arrested in Dimmit County for illegal immigration and the discovery of a white powdery substance in his wallet has brought attention to the issue of immigration in the United States. This incident highlights the importance of border control and the need for stricter immigration policies.It is important to note that this is not the first time a Nicaraguan national has been involved in a legal issue in the United States. 

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In March 2023, a 49-year-old Nicaraguan citizen pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport undocumented immigrants, resulting in the death of one of the migrants. In April 2022, a male Nicaraguan citizen was allegedly exhibiting signs of distress and died while in custody of the Carrizo Springs Border Patrol Station. In August 2023, a Nicaraguan national was sentenced to 72 months in federal prison for his involvement in a Dallas officer shooting.

Source: Dimmit County Sheriffs Office

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