Mexican Cartels Hack CBP App to Increase Migrants at U.S. Border

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Cartels use VPNs to book unlimited appointments on CBP One app, Mexican government allows migrants with appointments to cross border even if they do not have visa or other legal documentation.

Mexican cartels have hacked the Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) phone app in an attempt to increase the number of migrants entering the U.S., according to a report by the Washington Examiner.

The hack allows cartels to book unlimited appointments on the CBP One mobile app, which is required for noncitizens in central or northern Mexico who seek to travel to the U.S. to schedule appointments.

Once migrants have an appointment, the Mexican government is allowing them to continue traveling to the U.S. border, even if they do not have a visa or other legal documentation.

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This is a major security concern, as it allows cartels to easily traffick migrants across the border. It also puts a strain on CBP resources, as they are forced to process a much larger number of migrants than they would otherwise.

Chad Wolf, former acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary, called the hack “further evidence” that cartels are “continuing to go to great lengths” to exploit the U.S.-Mexico border.

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“As the administration continues to put these ‘legal pathways’ into place, that’s music to the cartel’s ears,” Wolf said.

The hack is also a sign of the growing cooperation between cartels and the Mexican government. Josh Trevino, chief of intelligence and research for the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation think tank, said the operation is “a cash cow” for the Mexican government.

“The Mexicans — they’re not really partners, they’re neighbors,” Trevino said.

The CBP One mobile app was launched in October 2020 to help CBP manage the flow of migrants at the border. However, the hack shows that the app is vulnerable to exploitation by cartels.

It is unclear how the cartels were able to hack the app. However, it is likely that they used sophisticated hacking techniques.

The hack is a major security concern, and it is important for CBP to take steps to mitigate the risk. This includes updating the app’s security features and working with the Mexican government to crack down on cartels.

Source: NewsMax

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