Texas DPS Receives Support from Maverick County Attorney Amidst Migrant Pushback Controversy

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County Attorney A.J. Iracheta Asserts Integrity of Texas DPS and Urges Community Support

In response to a recent controversial report alleging that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) instructed its personnel to push back migrants attempting to cross barriers in the Rio Grande River, Maverick County Attorney A.J. Iracheta has come forward to defend the agency. Taking to his official Facebook page, Iracheta emphasized the longstanding collaboration between his office and Texas DPS under Operation Lone Star, highlighting the highest standards of integrity and professionalism exhibited by the DPS personnel.

Addressing the concerns raised by yesterday’s article and similar ones, Iracheta stated, “The situations reported are not true and have no merit, and many of our community members should refrain from knee-jerk reactions.” He further added, “In my conversations with Texas DPS leadership, I can assure you that the allegations made against them are baseless.”


Iracheta went on to present key facts regarding Texas DPS’s interactions with migrants. Despite limited resources, DPS does provide water to migrants who request it or show signs of dehydration. However, due to the sheer volume of individuals crossing, it is not feasible to distribute water to every person. Medical staff are also present to respond to distress calls, and there has never been an instruction to “throw migrants into the Rio Grande.” Instead, DPS personnel are directed to hold the line and discourage illegal crossings. Additionally, Texas DPS deploys troopers in boats to mitigate the risk of drownings for those who choose to cross the river unlawfully.

Iracheta also raised a crucial question: “Now imagine if DPS decided to pull assets out of Maverick County. Who would respond to help the thousands of individuals crossing into our community daily? Who would protect our landowners and community?” His statement highlights the significant role Texas DPS plays in safeguarding the region.

In closing, Iracheta urged the community not to readily believe every claim made against law enforcement officers and expressed gratitude for the services provided by DPS personnel. He encouraged the community to contribute to finding solutions to the challenges posed by unprecedented times rather than adding to the existing problems.

As the controversy surrounding the alleged migrant pushback incident continues, it is crucial to consider the facts and the official response from Maverick County Attorney A.J. Iracheta. The collaboration between Maverick County Attorney’s Office and Texas DPS under Operation Lone Star remains steadfast, with both entities striving to address the situation while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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