Texas Legislature Passes Historic Property Tax Cut Bill

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Billions in Property Tax Cuts Promised by Governor Abbott

In a significant move aimed at providing substantial relief to property taxpayers across the state, the Texas Legislature has passed a groundbreaking property tax cut bill during Special Session #2. Governor Greg Abbott expressed his satisfaction with the legislation, which fulfills his campaign promise of using at least $13.5 billion from the state’s historic budget surplus for property tax relief.

The bill, which now awaits the Governor’s signature to become law, will deliver an even greater tax cut than initially anticipated, with over $18 billion allocated for property tax reductions. Governor Abbott commended the Texas House and Senate for their collaboration, stating that they have achieved a comprehensive and long-lasting solution to the mounting burden of property tax bills.

Acknowledging the hard work of Texans who aspire to own their property rather than renting it from the government, Governor Abbott expressed his gratitude to his partners in the Texas Legislature for prioritizing the best interests of hardworking citizens. This property tax cut legislation, once signed into law, will mark the largest property tax cut in the history of Texas.

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The relief provided by this legislation will bring welcome respite to homeowners throughout the state, allowing them to keep more of their hard-earned money. With billions of dollars earmarked for tax cuts, Texans can expect a significant reduction in their property tax bills, lightening the financial load for families and individuals.

Governor Abbott’s commitment to fulfilling his campaign promise underscores the importance of easing the burden on property taxpayers and ensuring that Texans have the opportunity to thrive economically. By utilizing the state’s budget surplus, the government aims to support homeowners and stimulate economic growth across Texas.

As Texans eagerly await the Governor’s signature on this historic legislation, the prospect of substantial property tax relief brings hope to communities throughout the Lone Star State. Once enacted, this property tax cut bill will undoubtedly have a lasting impact, empowering homeowners and bolstering the state’s economy as a whole.

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