Teen Arrested for Aggravated Robbery and Deadly Conduct in Uvalde County

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Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office Deputies have apprehended a 17-year-old individual named Ismael Catarino Melendez, along with a 14-year-old juvenile, for charges of Aggravated Robbery and Deadly Conduct. The incident occurred when both suspects brandished a weapon while robbing a victim.

According to reports, the victim’s father took it upon himself to approach the suspects at a residence in an attempt to retrieve the stolen items. However, upon confrontation, both suspects aimed firearms at the victim’s father, further intensifying the situation.

Thanks to the joint efforts of Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office and the Uvalde Police Department, law enforcement successfully located and confiscated a 9mm pistol, a 50-round drum magazine, a silencer, and a shotgun with a shortened barrel. These measures were taken to ensure the safety of the Uvalde County community by removing these dangerous weapons from the hands of criminals.

The Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office expressed their gratitude to the Uvalde Police Department for their invaluable assistance in this operation. The collaboration between law enforcement agencies has resulted in the prevention of potential harm and the preservation of public safety within the Uvalde County community.

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