Eagle Pass ISD Superintendent Addresses School Shooting Threats and Gun Politics in Press Conference

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Eagle Pass Independent School District (ISD) Superintendent Samuel Mijares recently held a press conference to address the alarming issue of school shooting threats directed towards schools in his district. During the conference, Superintendent Mijares made a statement that drew attention and sparked debate, as he expressed his belief that the divide on the issue of gun control in the United States is heavily influenced by political parties. Furthermore, he called upon parents in the district to exercise their right to vote and support candidates who prioritize the safety of students over constitutional gun rights.

Video credited to La Mera Leona Net Radio, not owned by The Maverick Times News

Superintendent Mijares opened the press conference by expressing his deep concern and commitment to ensuring the safety of students and staff in the Eagle Pass ISD. He acknowledged the unfortunate reality that school shootings have become a frequent occurrence in the country, leaving communities devastated and scarred.

In a controversial statement, Superintendent Mijares suggested that the debate over gun control in the United States is deeply rooted in political affiliations. He expressed his belief that one political party tends to advocate for increased access to firearms, while the other party supports stricter gun control measures. While Mijares did not explicitly mention any party by name during the press conference, his remarks ignited discussions about the role of politics in shaping the gun control discourse.

As part of his efforts to address the issue of school shooting threats, Superintendent Mijares encouraged parents in the Eagle Pass ISD to exercise their right to vote and make their voices heard. He urged them to evaluate candidates’ positions on gun control and prioritize the safety and well-being of their children when selecting their representatives. Mijares emphasized the importance of electing officials who are committed to implementing policies and measures aimed at preventing school shootings, even if it means challenging the prevailing perspectives on constitutional gun rights.

Superintendent Mijares’ comments have generated mixed reactions within the Eagle Pass community and beyond. Supporters laud his efforts to raise awareness about school safety and engage parents in the democratic process, arguing that ensuring a secure learning environment should take precedence over any ideological debates. However, critics argue that Mijares’ remarks were overly political and divisive, asserting that constitutional gun rights should be protected and that other security measures should be prioritized alongside gun control.

The Texas Education Code (§11.169) prohibits the use of state or local funds and district resources for electioneering. However, there is no legal definition for “electioneer” or “other resources of the district,” nor specific interpretations or applications of this statute in Texas. The Texas Ethics Commission enforces the prohibition on political advertising without a minimum exception. Any school district employee violating this rule could face fines or criminal charges. Paid time of employees cannot be used for creating or distributing political advertising. Advocacy for or against candidates or measures is forbidden, regardless of factual information included. Violating this rule is a class “A” misdemeanor offense, and fines can be imposed by the Texas Ethics Commission.

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