New York Democrat Resigns Amidst Accusations of Institutional Misogyny and Mishandling of Underage Solicitation Case

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Westchester County Board of Legislators Chair Catherine Borgia, a Democrat, has resigned from her government leadership position following accusations that a staffer tried to solicit someone he believed was an underaged girl. Borgia stepped down on Friday, after being pressured by her colleagues who claimed that she failed to act when she was informed in December that the staffer had been caught on video by a vigilante group, which tricked him into thinking he was meeting a 14-year-old.

Borgia, who filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to temporarily prevent her colleagues from voting her off as the top lawmaker, resigned 30 minutes before the scheduled vote, reported The Journal News. In her statement following her resignation, Borgia argued that “institutional misogyny” was the reason for her departure, as she believed that every chair of the body will be seated knowing that if nine colleagues disagree with any of the decisions that the position requires, they can also be removed at any time. Borgia added that she was saddened that her colleagues chose to take the path that most endangers the work of the county.

Despite resigning from her leadership position, Borgia will retain her board seat. The Democratic-heavy board comprises 17 legislators, with seven of them being women.

Former legislative aide Anand Singh, 33, was fired on April 13 after video footage published by vigilante group OBL Global showed him allegedly trying to meet up with someone he believed was an underaged girl in New Jersey. The 31-minute video reportedly shows a man, believed to be Singh, messaging with someone he thought was a 14-year-old female, but was actually an OBL Global “decoy.” The messages became more sexual in nature, with Singh allegedly saying he could “def teach” her “a thing or two,” speculating that she weighs less than 100 pounds, and asking if she was on birth control.

Singh was caught after a vigilante group, OBL Global, reportedly set up an account pretending to be a 14-year-old girl. They then engaged Singh in conversation, and the conversation turned sexual. They agreed to meet in a public place, and the group caught Singh on camera. Singh was arrested and charged with attempted sexual assault and attempted endangering the welfare of a child.

Source: Fox News

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