US Evacuates Americans from Sudan Amidst War: Unmanned Aircraft Provides Armed Protection

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The United States has successfully evacuated its first batch of American citizens and permanent residents from Sudan following the outbreak of war in the capital a few weeks ago.

The evacuation, which involved land transportation, began on Friday with the aim of taking a significant number of Americans to the Red Sea via Port Sudan. On Saturday, officials reported that unmanned aircraft provided armed protection as a convoy of buses transported 200 to 300 Americans over a distance of 500 miles.

Despite the efforts of a diverse group of international mediators, which included African and Arab nations, the United Nations, and the United States, only a series of fragile temporary cease-fires were achieved. These diplomatic efforts were not able to prevent clashes from occurring. However, they created enough of a pause for tens of thousands of Sudanese to escape to safer areas and for foreign nations to evacuate thousands of their citizens by land, air, and sea.

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