New Fox News Poll Shows Trump Leading 2024 Republican Nomination Race


A new survey by Fox News has revealed that former President Donald Trump still holds a significant lead in the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race. Meanwhile, support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been falling for the second month in a row. The survey also shows that President Joe Biden has the backing of 62% of Democratic primary voters, putting him far ahead of Robert Kennedy Jr. at 19% and Marianne Williamson at 9%.

The poll finds that Trump leads the Republican primary voters with 53% support, followed by DeSantis at 21%, Mike Pence at 6%, Nikki Haley at 4%, Vivek Ramaswamy at 3%, and Tim Scott and Liz Cheney at 2% each. Among self-identified 2020 Trump voters, 57% still support him, while 21% prefer DeSantis, 6% Pence and 3% each for Haley and Ramaswamy.

According to the survey, Trump’s position in the Republican contest is only marginally worse than Biden’s position in the Democratic contest. Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderson, said, “That’s likely to change, but it underscores the reticence of partisans on either side to risk moving away from the frontrunner.”

Despite Biden’s declining favorability among women and younger voters, he still gets higher favorable ratings than many in the GOP field. Currently, 44% have a favorable view of Biden, down from 54% in April 2021. His negative rating stands at 56%, up from 44% in 2021. This 10-point decline in favorability over the last two years could mean trouble for Biden, as it mainly comes from significant drops among women and voters under age 35, contributing to a 16-point decline among Democrats.

The poll also revealed that none of the people tested get positive ratings from at least 50 percent of the electorate. Vice President Kamala Harris has a negative rating by 16 points, with 41% of voters viewing her favorably and 57% unfavorably.

The survey was conducted from April 21-24 under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R). The poll surveyed 1,001 registered voters nationwide, including 408 Democratic primary voters and 389 Republican primary voters. The margin of error is +/- 3%.

Source: Fox News

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