Eagle Pass Fire Department Rescues Six Undocumented Citizens Under Port of Entry

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The Eagle Pass Fire Department, located in Texas, responded to an emergency call for the rescue of six undocumented citizens who were trapped under the Port of Entry. The incident occurred at approximately 5 pm on the day of the incident. The department’s swift response helped to save the lives of these six individuals who were in dire need of rescue.

According to sources, the incident involved a group of undocumented citizens attempting to cross the border illegally. The individuals were hiding under the Port of Entry, likely in an attempt to avoid detection by border patrol officers. However, they found themselves trapped and unable to escape on their own. Fortunately, someone noticed their predicament and called for help.

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The Eagle Pass Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene and assessed the situation. They were able to extract the trapped individuals without any critical or life-threatening injuries. After being checked over by medical personnel, the six individuals were released into the custody of the Border Patrol.

Undocumented citizens attempting to cross the border are often exposed to a variety of dangers, such as dehydration, exhaustion, and exposure to the elements. In some cases, they may become trapped or injured, putting their lives at risk. The work of emergency responders like the Eagle Pass Fire Department is crucial in ensuring the safety of those who are attempting to cross the border, regardless of their legal status.

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It’s important to note that crossing the border illegally is a dangerous undertaking, and individuals attempting to do so are putting themselves at risk. While the Eagle Pass Fire Department was able to rescue these six individuals, not all cases have a happy ending. It’s critical for individuals to understand the risks involved and to seek legal means of immigration to avoid putting themselves in harm’s way.

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