25 Undocumented Immigrants Detained in High-Speed Chase on US Highway 83: Joint Effort of ZCSO and DPS Officers Ensures Safe Apprehension

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In the early hours of the morning, a traffic stop on US highway 83 south of La Pryor quickly turned into a high-speed pursuit. At approximately 4:41am, a ZCSO Sgt. pulled over a tan Chevy 2500 truck hauling a horse trailer for a routine check. However, the vehicle failed to yield, prompting a pursuit that involved multiple law enforcement officers.

After a brief chase, the Chevy truck came to a stop and several individuals began to flee from the vehicle. Law enforcement officials quickly detained the individuals and discovered that there were a total of 25 undocumented immigrants in the horse trailer.Multiple Zavala County Sheriff Deputies assisted with the stop including DPS trooper Najera. The officers worked together to safely apprehend the undocumented immigrants and bring them into custody.

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The incident highlights the ongoing issue of illegal immigration in the United States and the challenges that law enforcement officials face in addressing it. The individuals found in the horse trailer were likely seeking a better life in the United States, but their journey was dangerous and illegal.Cooperation between different law enforcement agencies is critical. The joint effort of the ZCSO and DPS officers ensured that the situation was resolved safely and quickly.

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The identities and nationalities of the detained individuals have not been released at this time. It is not yet clear what charges, if any, will be filed against the individuals found in the horse trailer. The investigation is ongoing, and more information may be released in the coming days.

Source: Zavala County Sheriffs Office

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