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In the early morning hours of April 15, 2023, a routine traffic stop turned into a high-speed chase in Zavala County, Texas. According to a Facebook post from the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 3:50 AM, a deputy stopped a Chevy Camaro on US 83 North of La Pryor for a traffic violation.

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However, as the vehicle came to a stop, several individuals fled on foot, and the car sped off, evading the deputy at a high rate of speed towards Uvalde County. Fortunately, the Uvalde Police Department was able to spike the vehicle before it entered the city limits, bringing the chase to an end.

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Upon investigation, law enforcement officers discovered that one male individual was hidden in the trunk of the car, while a 15-year-old undocumented female was found in the front passenger seat. The driver was subsequently arrested and transported to the Zavala County Jail, while the undocumented individuals were released to Uvalde Border Patrol.

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This incident highlights the ongoing issue of undocumented immigration and human smuggling in the United States, especially in border states like Texas. With the current political climate and a growing concern over the influx of undocumented individuals, law enforcement agencies are increasingly vigilant and working to apprehend those who violate immigration laws.

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While this particular case ended with the arrest of the driver and the release of the undocumented individuals to the proper authorities, it serves as a reminder of the dangers and risks involved in attempting to cross the border illegally. It also highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat human smuggling and protect the safety and security of their communities.

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