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In a recent meeting, County officials discussed clarifying the roads that the Road and Bridge Department is responsible for maintaining. Pct. 3 Commissioner Olga Ramos presented an item to request the court to approve a Pct. 3 Inventory of Roads List provided by the Auditor’s Office for maintenance purposes.

The lack of a clear guide as to which roads are considered county roads, private roads, and/or state-maintained roads has hindered the provision of services to residents. The increasing amount of new developments in the county, identifying which roads pertain to the County and its maintenance responsibilities is essential.

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This issue has resulted in possible questionable maintenance of certain private roads in the past. To address this, the group suggested defining a list of all County roads for all precincts to know which roads they are responsible for maintaining.

The Maverick County Planning Department, under Monica J. Cruz, has been working diligently to clarify these issues. Judge Ramsey E. Cantu emphasized the need to meet the needs and demands of the residents in those areas. Concerns about past administrations’ possible misuse of funds on non-county

designated roads need to be addressed.

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In conclusion, defining County roads and their maintenance responsibilities is crucial for providing services to residents and preventing possible misuse of funds in the future.

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