Texas Couple Demands Child Protective Services Return Infant

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A couple from Texas is in distress as they demand the return of their infant from Child Protective Services (CPS). The couple claims that the paperwork used to take their child away contained inaccurate information. The document stated that the mother had a criminal record, even though it was someone else with a similar name.

Mila Jackson was born on March 21, weighing six pounds and nine ounces, with the help of a midwife. Three days later, her parents, Rodney and Temecia Jackson, took her to a pediatrician for a standard checkup, where they received a clean bill of health. However, the doctor later informed them that the baby had jaundice and dangerously high levels of bilirubin.

The couple decided to treat their child with the assistance of their midwife. However, after several hours, the doctor texted them aggressively, threatening to call CPS if they did not take the baby to the hospital. The doctor then proceeded to contact CPS.

Dr. Anand Bhat supported the CPS decision, stating that it was necessary for the baby to receive the medical care she needed. CPS wrote that “due to the parents being unwilling to discuss the danger and potential consequences of this condition, it is necessary for the department to intervene.”

The DeSoto police assisted CPS in taking the baby from the Jacksons’ home on March 28. The couple claims that their baby was taken unlawfully, and they have been treated unfairly throughout the process.

Furthermore, the affidavit used to justify CPS taking custody of the child lists the wrong mother, who has a criminal history of neglect but is not Temecia Jackson. The Jacksons feel like their child has been taken away unjustly, and they demand the safe return of their infant.

Cheryl Edinbyrd, the couple’s midwife, also supports their cause, stating that the couple has been treated like criminals. CPS has placed the infant with a foster family, and the next court hearing is in two weeks. The couple wants their child back as soon as possible and hopes that CPS will return Mila to them today.

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