There will be future lockdowns. The last one we had to endure was just a trial run and a very successful one at that.

The virus has various variants. There will be innumerable mutations. The variants and mutants are devastatingly overwhelming. They will come and confound and confuse the already shocked and traumatized public into believing another lockdown is necessary. There are various diseases and illnesses that can circle the world and be called a pandemic.

If not the virus or an unknown mysterious illness, then most assuredly the climate will be cause for alarm. If not the climate, then it will be something else like world-wide food storages, or a financial crisis, or an energy crisis, or the power grid will cease producing power, or the internet will be shut down and everything will come to a screeching halt.

We will be frightened, scared and trembling, shaking in our socks; running around like chickens with our thinking-heads cut off. Everything will be closed down and nothing will be essential, especially not churches, because gathering to worship God is deemed a waste of human time and energy which will already be in short supply.

Those in control will tell the pastors and the people there is no need to pray. We will take care of you. There is no need to believe in a supernatural God. All you have to do is believe those who are in control. God is not in control, they will attest. We are the ones who are in control, they will tell us over and over again in order for us to believe what they say.

That is what awaits us if our pastors continue to obey man and not obey God; continue to focus on the secular life and forget about the spiritual life. Why have pastors been scared and silent, instead of seeking to be sacred and speaking up, been complicit in closing the churches, been corrupted into not allowing the unmasked or unvaccinated into the churches?

We see the death and destruction not that the virus has caused, but that has been created by pastors caving-in, being caught-up in the culture of death, instead of bringing forth the culture of life. Why have pastors been instrumental in the death of souls and the destruction of faith? Why did pastors so quickly jump on the live-streaming bandwagon to substitute for public worship?

The people of God implore our pastors to be less scared and more sanctified, to be less fearful and more faithful, and to trust less in the government and instead to place all of your trust in God. Do not forget who you are, why you have been given the title of pastor, to lead your lost and lonely sheep through the valley of darkness to the top of the mountain where the light shines bright.

You were chosen by God so His sheep would not be left alone to fend for themselves. You are pastors who should not feel powerless when you have the God-given power to lead your sheep. Do not close up shop and stay home, safe and secure. Be brave and bold as commanded by Almighty God.

Look at the history of the Church which has stood the test of time, been through plagues, pestilences, persecutions and has persevered because the gates of hell shall not prevail, instead of just going along with what the so-called elites and experts pontificate. Tertullian, a 2nd century Church Father wrote that “the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church”, sacrificing their lives for the conversion of souls.

Are you called to be modern-day martyrs or are you more comfortable merely being marionettes of those in political power and position? We are ordered to lockdown and quarantine so that we can protect the health of our bodies and won’t die, but what about protecting the health of our souls and living in eternity with God. Woe to the pastors who will have to answer to God when He asks, “Did you tend My sheep?”, “Where were you when My sheep needed you?”

There is a video entitled: Polish Pastor Chases Cops Out of Church on Easter Weekend: ‘Get Out! You Nazis!’, it is of one brave and bold pastor that stood his ground and spoke God’s Truth. This is a video lesson for all pastors to take note on how to stand up to bullies, to remember you have the power and authority of the Holy Spirit to drive out demons.

Some may say the police were only doing what they were told to do, but at the Nuremberg court trials held in Germany for the purpose of bringing Nazi war criminals to justice, this same defense was offered that they were just following orders, but it was resolutely rejected. 

Stand up to bullies and they will flee, if not you will pay a great fee and forever live in fear, because you did not fight but instead choose to flee in fright and cowardly cringe as a criminal whose only crime was being committed to Christ. Let this pastor in the video be an example to what each and every pastor is called to be: a spiritual father fighting for his sons and daughters. He is the prototype of John the Baptist speaking truth to power, of Jesus Christ driving the money changers out from the temple.

The choice is yours! Stop listening to the devil’s lies and start listening to God’s Truth.

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.

1107 Griner St.

Del Rio, Texas 78840


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